Study and Discuss the Book Through Video Chat

Can't bring your group to a local book release party? The Boggs Center can bring a discussion to your group for a video conference via Skype.

Here's all you need to do:

1) Organize a group of 25 or more persons to buy and study The Next American Revolution. This could be a high school or college class, a community group, a political organization, or just a grouping of neighbors and friends.

2) Contact the Boggs Center through our website ( or by using the "Contact" box on this website. We'll get back to you by email.

3) Work out the meeting time and technology requirements (basically you need Skype, a good internet connection, and a way for your group to see and hear the video and audio from the computer) with a Boggs Center volunteer.

Please note that Grace will do her best at the age of 98 to participate in these discussions. However, as it is not possible for her to satisfy all requests, we will encourage you to engage with her Detroit colleagues connected to the Boggs Center. The Boggs Center is comprised a diverse body of community-based activists and theorists whose life and work are embodied in The Next American Revolution.